VR has sooo much potential! Where are all the games at?

I have an Oculus Rift and love the thing. I’m always looking for fun new things to try out but reached some dead ends.


A few games that are absolutely amazing are Robocall for instance.


Not only is the teleportation great the gun mechanics play out very well also.

If you put one hand over the other you can get a solid head shot as if you were aiming down the sights of a real gun.

They could totally make a full game single or multiplayer co-op with similar aspects of this game.

Little things can go a long way here.

The little things can make a great game especially in VR since it’s an engaging experience.

Moving around in VR and being fully aware of my surroundings is intense.


They also haven’t utilized adventure or strategy games much either.

It has been out for sometime and I’m not seeing much coming out even for the new year to come.

Maybe I’m wrong and haven’t looked in the right places. Please let me know if I am


I feel like there just isn’t anything blowing me away at this point. Besides some of the titles below that I really appreciate

Robo Recall

BeatSaber (My favorite)

Arizona Sunshine (They should make more games like this)

ZING: The Land Beyond (Very calming puzzle game with great environment/atmosphere)


Anyone feel my pain?

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